Tuesday, June 30, 2015


My god, it seems unreal after a year, I finally decided to start again!
A lot of time has passed and I didn't post anymore because first I didn't have so much confidence and also because I had exams and finally high school is over!
So today I decided to take some pics :)

I'm wearing my new shirt from DRESSIN.COM and I love it so much! I am actually attracted by minimalism and every simple black and white thing and this shirt is perfect because you can match it with everything!





Saturday, August 16, 2014


Hey everybody!
It's been a lot of time, and I'm finally at home.
By the way, when I was in Finland I took some pics with the gorgeous tri-force necklace got from infinitine.com you can find it HERE :)
The outfit is very simple but I like mostly the setting, hope you will like it too.

Kuortane - Finland


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hi everybody!
I'm officially on holidays now!
I'm writing from South Italy, from a small hot city with a gorgeous sea. Every day I realize how is beautiful to travel and discover new places (even if it's not the first time I'm here) so I'm literally enjoying my vacation after this long and hard period of school! I also got very tanned haha
By the way today I found some time to shoot a look. I'm wearing a total black outfit (yes, I made a mistake, it was way too much hot!). I found that wonderful meshed top in a store called "Low" for only 5€, I was so happy about the purchase. I matched it with black leather shorts and a hat.
The thing I like most about this look is the location. If you're following me on Instagram you might saw a couple of pics taken here. I like the minimalist design of this house, I wish I lived in a place like this because I find it very inspiring. Love the contrast of green and white. Anyway I'm going to post some pics about it at the end of the post.

(don't know why here I look pale)


Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey guys! how are you?
I'm here for a new outfit perfect for a day on the beach because it's very confortable.
I'm wearing a crop top got from Sammydress.com , I like its sporty style and the dark grey color, matched with leather shorts. You can find the shirt HERE :)
I'm wearing also my new spike shaped ring from the same shop, you can get it HERE.
Well, hope you will like the pics. x


Friday, June 20, 2014


Hey everybody!
Finally school has finished!
So this look is one of my favorites, I love these colors together and the setting I chose it's perfect.
I'm wearing a basic shirt got from Vessos.com , I love it because I can really match it with everything! (you can find it HERE) I matched the shirt with a checkered blouse got from Sammydress.com perfect if you want to use it as a jacket in this season. (You can find it HERE ). I'm also wearing a beautiful ring from the same shop, you can find it HERE, I literally fell in love with it!
Hope you will like the pics!


Friday, June 6, 2014


Hey guys!
Finally summer holidays started, so I found some time to take pictures.
This time I'm wearing a long shirt/dress from H&M, it's part of men's collection but when I saw it I fell in love so I decided to use it as a dress, and I think it works. I also love that acid washed effect.
This outfit is very simple and I decided to wear my new necklace, which I use as a choker, got from Vessos.com you can find it HERE :)
So hope you will like it! x


Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Inspiration

Hey guys! How are you?
Summer is finally coming and I'm so happy, so today I woke up and decided to write a post about summer inspiration and what kind of clothes I'm gonna wear this summer.
I made an account on Polyvore (I'm already addicted) where I created my first outfits which I'm gonna post here, and if you want to follow me click here :)

Let's start with the first outfit, or well, the first two outfits where I used mainly the green. I think green is the color of this summer, I've never been so interested in green but recently I'm loving it especially matched with black, or white if you want to create a minimalistic look.

Top: Topshop - Shorts: Destroyed - Shoes: Pixiemarket.com - Sunnies: Monki

Shirt: Weekday.com - Shorts: Topshop - Shoes: Wildpair.co.nz 

And now some grunge/punk outfits
Platform shoes rule

Top: Nastygal.com - Shorts: Newlook.com - Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell - Backpack: Modekungen.se - Phone case: Bluefly.com

Acid washed top: Monki - Net shirt: Vero Moda - Leather top: Mango - Skirt: Thecorner.com 

Tartan top: Beginningbotique.com.au - Meshed top: H&M - Jacket: H&M - Shorts: Etsy.com - Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell - Backpack: Yves Saint Laurent - Necklace: Chelseadoll.co.uk

Well, hope this post will help you xx